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Music Compositions


Fun Ride with Big Beard



year composed



première year



performing artist

Hong Kong Dance Company


program notes

Staring at the bright moon through the bedside window sill and peeking underneath their beds are a group of best friends – Uncle Rice and Mini Rice, Lil’ Hiking Shoes, Lil’ Red Packet, the Sewing Kit twins and Baby Goose... To their surprise, a giant calligraphy brush Big Beard descended from above, inviting them to join in on a time travel to Tang and Song Dynasties to visit Li Bai, Du Fu and all the greatest minds in Chinese poetry! Come discover the shining and shimmering treasures in classical Chinese literature through an all-rounded performance featuring dancing, drama, poetry reading and music! This festive fusion by over 200 members of the Children’s and Youth Troupes is made possible given the support of Mr. Anthony Ho as the guest performer and other professional dancers from the Hong Kong Dance Company.

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