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Brought into existence by Ng Cheuk-Yin, SIU2 is a trend-setting musical organism born from the soil of Hong Kong. The Sheng, a musical instrument with its roots from ancient China no less than 3 millennia ago, leads the organism’s process of sound-weaving together with the Sanxian, Zheng, piano, bass guitar and drums. The resulting musical tapestry flows seamlessly through the East and West, past and present while melting down borders between genres. SiU2 is a sonic portrayal of the juxtaposition of disparate cultural elements in Hong Kong. It is one-of-a-kind and its sound not something one can hear anywhere else.


Ever since debuting in the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Festival Sheng It Up and booming outdoor for the first time same year in the New Visions Arts Festival, SIU2 has been striving to let its music reach different audiences through a wide range of different spaces, experimenting with possibilities.  The envelop was pushed one step further when it began touring around the city in 2011 with its SIU2 My Encyclopedia of Music, a series of educational performances and workshops,  in collaboration with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. As recognition of its unique brand of sound grew, SIU2 began to be invited to stages and platforms outside its hometown, for instances in April 2011 to the Beishan International  World Music Festival in China , and in May same year representing China to the Borneo Jazz Festival in Malaysia, all to critical acclaims.


Four albums have been released by SIU2: Age of Absurdity (2020), Sonic Traveler (2013), KonFusion (2010) and Open Door (2008). Sonic Traveler, featuring musical elements of various cultures as the theme, expand the frontiers of SIU2 musical vocabularies even further as it communicates with the world with music; Music from EP KonFusion, the second album was chosen by to be used in its episode featuring Hong Kong, and music from the debut album Open Door was recorded as the background music of Mcdull movie. SIU2 music was used in City Contemporary Dance Company’s production Bruce Lee The Odyssey of Little Dragon in 2019. Some of the pieces from the album Age of Absurdity were especially commissioned for the production.


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