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Music Compositions

Messages from the Clouds


Jazzture (Clarinet and Piano)


Jazzture (String Quartet)








Clarinet and Piano





year composed



première year



première artists

Johnny FONG, Jacqueline LI


other info

Hong Kong City Hall Theatre


program notes

These four pieces were originally written for a re-arranging project of Charlie Chaplin’s silent film with a string quartet in 2010, then later rearranged into a duet version for clarinet and piano. These pieces were composed by improvising on the piano while watching Chaplin’s film, capturing the gesture and touch of Jazz music; focusing on actor’s facial expression; imitating actor's movements and emotions through musical colors. After all, I tidied up my musical ideas into string quartet then blend it into the film. Therefore during the composing process, I actually started with piano.

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