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Two Shengs





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LOO Sze Wang, NG Cheuk Yin, Hong Kong Sinfonietta 


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CASH Golden Sail Music Awards







program notes

“Before the City Collapses is a reflection on the life cycle of an object – may it be the life cycle of a city, a country, an idea, a dream, or anything we care about – from its foundation, through progress, over-development, to destruction and its eventual collapse.


“I composed this work with relatively few materials.  It begins with the two soloists playing melodies and chords on their traditional sheng and 36-reed sheng.  The texture gradually expands to include the entire orchestra, with the sheng melodies and chords interwoven between the soloists and the orchestra to form long lines.


“The traditional sheng is one of the oldest Chinese instruments, dating back to about three thousands ago.  The 36-reed sheng, on the other hand, is a keyed chromatic instrument that was developed in the 20th century, tuning to the equal temperament scale in Western music.  This concerto showcases the characteristics of the two instruments and the different aesthetics for which they stand.


“Development, for better or for worse, is perhaps just about changes.”


Commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2013 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund

Before the City Collapses

飛 (2020)

Project FLY 


Before the City Collapses



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Before the City Collapses - Ng Cheuk-yin
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