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Music Compositions


Lady White of West Lake



year composed



première year



performing artist

Hong Kong Dance Company


program notes

Lady White of West Lake is among China’s oldest pieces of Intangible Cultural Heritage, as well as a modern classic that has inspired countless film adaptations. This millenary love story begins on the sacred Mount Emei, where the spirit of a white snake transforms herself into a beautiful girl, Bai, to experience the human world. Emerging at the West Lake (Hangzhou), she meets a scholar, who opens her eyes to love for the first time. But their happiness does not last long: a vindictive monk becomes entangled in their quiet life. Outraged by the ominous union between man and spirit, the monk takes it upon himself to tear them apart. The resolute Bai defends her love with dignity and courage, even if it means fighting against heaven and earth.

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